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Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home and replacing a roof is something you may only have to do once or twice. As most of the homeowners don’t have the knowledge of roof material and the type of service required, we are here to help. We offer a range of roofing packages to fit your need for both your residential and commercial properties in Scarborough.

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If you live in a residential area where you require emergency roof replacement in Scarborough, KY Roofing Ltd. covers all your roofing needs whether its roof replacement, roof repairs or new roof installation. We also have expertise in various roofing systems, roof inspection, and emergency roof repair. We’ll identify your roof leaks and resolve them to your satisfaction.

There are so many Scarborough roofing companies that offer roofing repairs, but KY Roofing Ltd. services are the best. Residential and commercial roofing services are required where there is a leaking roof, and we cater to it all.

  • Gutter guards installation
  • Metal roofing
  • Asphalt shingles
  • Eaves cleaning
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Why Choose KY Roofing Ltd.

KY Roofing Ltd. Company has been recognized as an industry leader in quality workmanship, customer satisfaction, and customer reliability since its inception in 2012. We provide top-quality professional roof repair and roof installation services in Scarborough. KY Roofing Ltd. is a licensed and fully insured company. We take pride in being a “one-stop contractor” in the roofing industry. At Scarborough, our highly qualified staff is here to assist you and we are committed to our customer’s satisfaction every time! Our focus is to provide you the services above and beyond your expectation in the committed timeframe. While providing the solutions, we always keep our customer’s needs and budgets on top while providing competitive pricing.

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What to consider when hiring a Roof Replacement contractor in Scarborough?

A roof protects everything that is under it, including your family, belongings, assets, and other personal investments. It also protects you from harsh weather keeping you and your family safe. Hiring a roofer to work on your home or business is a huge investment, and it’s also something that requires a certain level of trust, knowledge, and experience. How often, after all, do you actually get up on your own roof and assess the situation? The people you hire to do the job need to be upfront, honest and knowledgeable about your roof and its condition – otherwise, you could be looking at a long line of pricey “repairs” that simply aren’t necessary, or you might face an equally long line of quality-related problems caused by inexperience.

In addition to someone who tells it like it is, you need someone who has extensive industry expertise and a broad understanding of roofing safety practices and procedures. So, before you sign on with a particular roofing contractor, consider:

  • 1. Inquiring about insurance
  • 2. Steering clear of storm chasers
  • 3. Resisting the urge to go with the lowest estimate
  • 4. Roofing warranty

Inquiring about a potential roofer’s insurance is more than something you should consider – it’s a must-do. A trustworthy roofing company will always have a license and insurance. Do not hesitate to ask for proof of liability and worker’s compensation insurance. Roofers get licensed only on successfully passing multiple tests and would have undergone formal training. Not all contractors can offer manufacturer warranties that include coverage of the contractor’s workmanship. If you have doubts, don’t hesitate to call a company’s insurance carrier to confirm everything they told you. After all, roofers are performing hard work under tough conditions, and they’re doing so, in some cases, dozens of feet above the ground…what could possibly go wrong?

Unfortunately, “storm chasers,” or those who come knocking soon after a storm or right after they claim to have serviced a bunch of your neighbors’ homes, are responsible for many of today’s roofing scams. If they tell you your roof has damage, get a second opinion. If anything, tell the door-knocker that you need to talk to someone else in the home before making a decision and ask that they leave a business card. That way, you can perform some research of your own before assuming things are legit. Many of the door-knockers even ask for advance money to get the material. Be wary of them and do not pay them upfront as they may disappear after taking money from you.

When it comes to your roof, you tend to get what you pay for. Sure, you can hire that guy with the cheap quote who came by with his tools in his pickup, but if that guy takes a tumble and isn’t insured, or if he performs poor quality work and then disappears, you’re in trouble. Reputable companies have overhead costs they need to cover, but they also typically offer a level of comfort, both in terms of insurance coverage and quality guarantees. Also, make sure that you don’t pay money in advance as you must get satisfied with the quality of the material to ensure the longevity and safety of your property and loved ones.

Ensure to check if the prospective roofing contractor provides a warranty for workmanship and manufacturer warranty. Any installation mistakes get covered under the workmanship warranty. All the faulty material gets covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. A legit roofing company always thinks of their customers first and ensures building the trust required for all the customer’s safety.

You worked hard to put a roof over your head – now let someone else work hard to keep it there. By heeding this advice, you can considerably improve the chances of finding a reputable, trustworthy and capable roofing contractor.

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Unmatched Services

KY Roofing Ltd. services and their roofers provide the ultimate professional services for your roofing solutions from your first call till the satisfactory completion of the job. Once you call us and explain your needs, our expert visits your home, studies the condition of the roof, assesses the work required, and answers all your queries. Based on the findings, the expert explains the process and requirements in detail. Our workman ensures to leave your home clean on completion of the daily tasks.

Speciality Roof Installation Services We Provide

At KY Roofing Ltd. Scarborough, we specialize in the installation services of specialty roofing to provide you that unmatched beauty, longer roof life, and savings on your utility bills. We are the most dependable and honest roofers in the areas when it comes to installing metal, slate, aluminum, or tile roofs providing you the longest warranty on specialty roofing service. Call us for all your roofing needs and we guarantee you the best services and warranties.


  • What is the cheapest way to replace a roof?
  • How long does it take for a roofer to replace a roof?

There is no accurate way to judge the cheapest way. The low-cost material like coated asphalt shingles are inexpensive but wear out comparatively faster making you spend more on maintenance. Also, normally the installation cost also is higher if you use high-end material which might last longer in the run with low maintenance cost.

There are few factors that decide the time it will take for a roofer to replace the roof. Of course, the first one being the area on which the roofing is required. The other factors on which it depends are the type of roofing material, type of roof decking, the method being used, and weather conditions and disruptions. For homes with an area of less than 1000 sq. ft. can be done within a day and a half.

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