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Roof damage? Do Not Wait for Roof Repair!

A damaged roof can be an upsetting situation to manage. The roof is constantly exposed to excessive amounts of torrid weather. After a while, the roof can begin to display signs of wearing out. It is imperative to regularly pay attention to the condition of your roof. If it is showing signs of damage, it’s advised to have it attended to effective immediately. A damaged roof can lead to further damage to the remaining part of the house.

Repair Your Roof ASAP

This is where roof repair becomes a necessity. GTA roofing repair services are vast in nature and quality. Damages can come in a variety of types ranging from leaks to shingles being entirely ripped off. Regardless of the damage done, it is pertinent to immediately start establishing ways to attend to your roof. Damage can occur at anytime even if you purchased the new house this year. All it takes is one bad weather storm and repairs are required.

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Choose The Best For You

When looking for a quality roof repair service, it’s important to note their experience. Looking for positive testimonials of their service can be quite handy. Experience establishes a foundation of experience which is mandatory for such jobs. The last thing one would require is a lack of experience for a job such as roof repair.

Immediately find a quality GTA roof repair service, if you are worried about the condition of your roof. Do not leave it unattended when the fix might be something manageable.

Trusted Roof Repair Services in Scarborough

Are you looking for commercial roof repair in Scarborough? If yes, you’re in the right place!

K&Y Roofing Company is great for all emergency roof repairs and we have trusted roofers for roof inspection who do an amazing job and will handle the process carefully. If you’re facing any trouble with the roofing systems, we’ll give you free estimates for roofing repairs. We also provide same-day service whether it is roof repairs, roof leaks, and shingles repairs for both residential and commercial properties.

Our services for Scarborough residents include-

  • Cedar roofing
  • Gutter guards installation
  • Metal Roofing
  • Asphalt shingles
  • Fibreglass shingles
  • Eaves cleaning

Need immediate new roof installation and roof replacement? Don’t panic, we’re here for all your roofing needs!

Roof Repair By The Scarborough Roofing Experts

Roof repair by the Scarborough roofing experts, otherwise known by the name Kyroofing, provides quality roofing to residential and commercial buildings. We offer a wide range of options for your roof, be it a flat roof or sloped roof. Call today to get a quote. We offer free estimates to our clients to help them make an informed decision.

  • Flat versus pitched roof
  • The waiting game

Advantages of flat roof-

  • Flat roof is speedier to make than a pitched roof.
  • Flat roof is cheaper than the pitched roof option. Mainly due to the requirement of fewer materials.
  • Flat roofs take up much lesser head height than the pitched roofs. So if you are facing head height restrictions then a flat roof is a better option.

Advantages of pitched roof-

  • Pitched roofs enjoy better longevity than their flat roof counterpart.
  • Pitched roofs mean more space than if the flat roof was constructed in its place.
  • Pitched roofs generally require less maintenance than the flat roofs, mainly due to the materials used in its construction and also because of their shape. Water or dust does not collect on a pitched shape as much as it would on a flat one.

For any type of roof you want to build, Kyroofing is your best choice, in Scarborough, Ontario. We have the experts for all kinds of roofing needs, whether you need to build a new roof or repair an old one.

If you think your roof needs a repair but for any reason you decide not to have it fixed right away and wait for some time. Let’s see why the waiting game is a losing one-

  • Money is saved if the broken roof is timely repaired. The more you wait around, more damage to the roof will follow. This will result in more expenditure.
  • Let us assume the waiting time is extended due to any reasons, after a certain amount of time, with further damage due to wear and tear, only repairing would not be enough, you will have to replace the whole roof altogether.
  • The more you wait, your insurance might not cover the intended repair or replacement, or its cost might rise.
  • The value of property is increased if you are regular with your repairs and maintenance.
  • The timely repairs to your roofs are beneficial at the time of actual replacement of the roof as well. As this means less damage to the underlying structure.
  • Your beautiful home remains aesthetically pleasing due to timely maintenance.
  • Timely maintenance means you are in touch with the materials available in the market and can make use of them according to your needs.
  • Ignorance in the matters of roof repairs can result in serious damage to the property and in some cases even health hazards. 
  • If the repairs are not done in time, then the weather might affect the damage unwantedly. 

The above mentioned points should be considered before choosing not to repair your damaged roof. Any damage big or small should be fixed as soon as possible. KY Roofing in the Ontario area is your best answer for roof repairs or even for installing a new roof altogether.

Our Client Love Us

  • Great great service! They did a great job with the replacement of our roof, highly detailed. Our new roof looks very good. Thank you!


  • KY Roofing has done a great job repairing some leaks in our roof. Very pleased with the people and the service


  • My experience with KY Roofing has been great! The crew was very accommodating and friendly, the roof replacement was completed without a hitch. The service was very competitively priced and they cleaned every bit of debris before the left the site. Couldn't be happier!